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The moments leading up to a car accident probably wouldn’t be memorable on their own. Sitting in Atlanta traffic rapping to Killer Mike is an everyday thing. But when you’re involved in a sudden car crash, your whole world changes. And some things, like what you had on or that line about Morehouse, just won’t stop ringing in your ears.

Y’all, we know how life-changing a car accident can be—and how fast it can happen.

Whether you’re in a multiple car pile-up or a two-car collision, there’s a ton of new (not fun or good) stuff that comes your way. Getting your car fixed, dealing with insurance companies, scheduling medical appointments, literally changing how you get around because you’re injured, changing how you work (if you can even get there)… Not to mention, if you’re a caregiver you’ve got to think about how to take care of the kids or the folks you’re responsible to.

After a car accident, STRESS is served!

The top 3 things you need to know after you’ve been involved or injured in a car accident


Insurance Companies

One of the worst things that happens after a crash is having to deal with insurance companies, even your own. They’re not really interested in making sure you get better or that your car gets fixed, BTW. So don’t bother talking to them. Insurance companies, no matter what they try to say, are not on your side; they’re on their own side. They’d love for you to accept something *now* so they can close your case and walk away with profit. Don’t fall for it.

You’re not obligated to answer ANY insurance company’s questions, including your own. In fact, it’s just better if you don’t.

Medical Attention

If your injury is obvious, it probably goes without saying: Please get medical attention right away. But you might feel fine, without any sign of an injury. You know what? Get checked out anyway. Some injuries from car wrecks can take time to show up, especially if they’re in soft tissue. You might not notice you’re hurt right away because of all the adrenaline running through your veins. It’s a great natural pain killer. But a few days later you might find yourself with a lot pain that you didn’t have before. Get medical attention. This can only help your health and the strength of your case. Oh, and if you don’t know where to go to get checked out, we’ll help you find someone awesome.

Your best bet, whether you’re obviously injured or not, is to get medical attention immediately.

Track Expenses

You may need to take time off from work to recover from your injuries, which means you could lose money. Now, look. Plenty of people are like, “But I can’t take time off from work to go to physical therapy. If I do, I’ll lose out on my pay for that day, and I can’t afford it.” We get it. The inconvenience of a car wreck cannot be overstated. It costs time, money, and energy. However, you can’t afford NOT to take care of your health. We know it’s stressful to decide whether to put food on your table or do the rehab plan. Do what you can, try to work things out with your employer, and keep track of every dollar you miss out on. Track every single expense after the collision. Your lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, lost support (yup, it’s really sad when this happens), and loss of enjoyment of life. All of that matters when we’re talking about what your case is worth.

Track every single expense after the collision. Your lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, etc.
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So, what IS your case worth?

Drive down any major road in Atlanta, and you’ll see billboards, buses, and benches promoting multi-million-dollar awards to their clients. Let’s get one thing straight: There’s no award when it comes to injury. All of our clients would trade the cash for their health in a minute. But we digress…


What’s YOUR case worth? You’ll hear us say this a lot: It depends. Every case is different. And every lawyer you ask might have a different opinion.


Went to dinner with some friends – we weren’t talking business but people knew Mark was a lawyer. An acquaintance asked, “Hey man, this lawyer who’s been working on my case told me he could get $13,000 for me. Here’s what happened…[he shared his story]…What do you think?” After we sat down with this young man for a case evaluation, we thought his story deserved to be told, and we did just that. We were able to resolve the case for $120,000.


The only way you’re ever going to know what your case is worth is to ask. If you want to ask us, we’ll meet with you for free, we’ll talk to you over Zoom or in our office, and we’ll give you our opinion after appearing in nearly every county courthouse in Georgia.

Don't Worry
We Don't Get Paid Unless You Do

There’s definitely a stereotype out there that personal injury lawyers are ambulance chasers who are hungry to make a buck. Look, my (Mark’s) old law professor taught us this in our first year: “If you chase the money, the law will catch you. If you chase the law, the money will find you.” So our first concern is you: your health and your recovery. Whatever we do—documentation, investigation, negotiation—we do without ever asking for a retainer or down payment. We’re only compensated if you are. In other words, we only win if you do.

If you’d like to find out what aggressive, compassionate representation can do for you after a car accident, call or text 1-404-737-5973 to schedule your complimentary case consultation now.

But…Is it really worth getting a lawyer after a car accident?

Say it with me: It depends.


Let’s get one thing straight…We’re talking about whether you deserve to be made whole again. If your property is messed up and you’ve got injuries—even minor ones—then you absolutely deserve appropriate compensation. And though you might think personal injury cases take forever to resolve, don’t let that stop you from taking action now.

Here's How Lawyers Like Us Can Help

What we see in property damage and bodily injury is often just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll partner with your medical providers to protect you from both present and future damages that resulted from this accident. We can help figure out what the long-term health situation might look like and take steps to ensure your health is protected.


Wrecks are expensive, and there are more hidden or unseen costs than you might first consider. In addition to property damage and doctor’s visits, you may have lost wages or endured needless pain and suffering. We can help you track and recover the costs that you incur as the result of someone else’s negligence so that your finances are protected.


We’ll stand up for you when it comes to dealing with the insurance companies—including your own. Remember how we said that their motive is profit? Why try to fight a behemoth when you’re at your worst? We can help you focus on your recovery while we’re making sure your interests are protected.


Most personal injury suits settle out of court…yet we’ve been in almost every courtroom in Georgia, and a few at the federal level, too. We’re always ready to go to trial, which means we’re strategically evaluating your case and how we tell your story. We can help you with aggressive representation so your future is protected.


Navigating the law is like trying to unwind a giant yarn ball—it’s stressful, frustrating, and requires a great deal of patience if you’re going to get anywhere. Many decisions are made along the way, and every step is crucial for the overall success of your lawsuit. We’ll focus on strategy, communication, and the law so that your peace of mind is protected.

Seriously, though, how much can I get?

Every case comes with different circumstances. We’re looking at things like policy limits, property damage, extent of your injuries, how it all relates to the law, and most importantly, the overall impact this collision has had on your health and life. Here are some of the expenses we consider:

But before you start playing expense Jenga, trying to add up everything you think you’re entitled to…call us. You might underestimate what your case is worth, which could discourage you from moving forward. Or you might overestimate what your case is worth, setting your expectations too high and disappointing you later. We’ll be straight with you so you can make the best decisions for yourself, your loved ones, and your future.

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Pain and suffering…How do you get paid for that?

You’ve seen it on TV a hundred times before. The “before” scenes show an idyllic state – a person who’s happy with a life that seems to be humming along and few cares bigger than normal life stuff. The “crash” scenes show sudden tragedy, and the season ends on a cliffhanger. What happened? The “after” scenes flash back to anguish, a person not sleeping, struggling to get through simple movement, and relationships broken because of how hard the accident has been on everyone.


When sudden changes happen in real life, they disrupt everything, from our mental peace to our emotional equilibrium. Stress in the short term can be beneficial, but when it’s prolonged, it can cause deep disturbances in our sleep, thinking, and joy. That’s pain and suffering.


Insurance companies use complicated algorithms to calculate what they think your pain and suffering is worth. Talk about adding insult to injury! They’re not even making determinations based on your personal story…they’re doing it based on averages. And we know that neither you nor your case are average.


That’s why your story is so important. And why it makes a difference to be represented by attorneys who believe in you, see you as a human rather than a number, and fight like hell to make sure the compensation you receive is fair.

How do we know what a fair settlement offer looks like?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions, and the answer is…


It’s part science, part art.


Look, you only get one shot at resolving a personal injury case. It’s not like we can go back a year later because your injuries got worse and we need more coverage for your medical visits. Oh, and the first settlement offer is often the insurance company’s lowest. So whatever we do, we have to be 100% certain that it’s the best thing for today AND for the future.


The litigation process has many steps and plenty of twists and turns. We’ll be there to light the way—and when a settlement offer is good, we’ll let you know. You’re the ultimate decision maker. But if the settlement offer falls short in our eyes, we’ll be up front about it.


The bottom line is this, if their offer misses the mark, you better believe we’ll be ready to take the insurance company to court. We prep every case as if a trial is coming. Why? Because that level of focus drives us to look at your case from multiple perspectives so you recover every dollar that’s right for your case.

What info do we need to support this claim?

Shout out to all the folks who don’t throw away anything.
Y’all have a competitive advantage over the people who always say no when they’re asked if they want a receipt.
OK, seriously.

Document Everything

You’re going to want to document everything. Here’s a short list:

Keep A Journal

Keep a journal. You’d be surprised at how many people have injuries that show up days later and in unexpected ways.

This journal can be crucial to telling your story accurately, and it could make all the difference in building your case’s value.  

Should I report the accident to my insurance company?

Yes, report the accident but DO NOT give a recorded statement.


DO NOT say you’re “fine” or “ok” or comment at all on how you’re feeling.

Insurance companies WILL use this information against you. You’d be amazed at how they’ll turn what you think is an innocent statement into a slam on your character. You are not obligated to answer questions that sound like, “How are you today?” I am here is an appropriate response to that question.


DO NOT start telling your story or talking about who was at fault.

The insurance company is not interested in your trauma response or why you were at that location at that time. They really aren’t. They aren’t going to side with you, even though you were the victim of someone else’s negligence. Yes, the adjuster will seem caring. Yes, they will appear to offer support. That’s fine. They do not need to hear your story. Zip it, and you’ll preserve your chances for an optimal settlement. Save your story for your free consultation with us. We DO want to hear it, and we ARE on your side. Stick to facts like “I was driving down Piedmont at 3 p.m. The crash happened at the intersection of Lindbergh and Piedmont. I was traveling 30 miles per hour. The light was green. My vehicle was struck on the passenger side.”


DO NOT accept any offers without your attorney’s advice.

We know that sometimes “the offer” appears attractive, especially if it’s a sum of money that seems it would get you out of a jam. We’ve seen it happen time and again… The insurance company says $0. We do some lawyering and suddenly they come back with $25,000. The insurance company says $7,000. We do what we do, and they’re settling for $100,000. Or how about the time they told our client $0 and we secured $1,000,000? Why wouldn’t you call us to help? Our help is free until we win. There’s zero risk for you to hire us, but you could lose a lot if you don’t.


DO NOT post on social media.
This should be a no brainer. There once was a case where the defendant posted “stuff” on social media, and our case was made stronger by their post. Now, since you’re the plaintiff, you might think but if I document my experience on social, it’ll strengthen my case. NO IT WILL NOT. Do not post anything on social media. Go dark. Browse all you want, but don’t post, comment, like, or share anything. If you just can’t stand yourself and *have* to post, run it by your lawyer first.


DO NOT talk to others about your accident or injuries.

Rest assured, insurance companies have strong investigators who are looking for ways to poke holes in your case. If you run around talking to Miss Susie, the neighbor’s dog, and your aunt Helen, you can be sure the insurance company will find them. And they’ve got good intentions, don’t they? They, too, want to advocate for you. But whatever they say … well, the insurance company is likely to find a way to reduce the value of your claim. It’s really best to play this one close to the vest and keep the deets to yourself so no one has the chance of inadvertently mucking up your case.

OK, so how long do I have to file a claim?

Even though Georgia gives you two years to file a personal injury lawsuit and four years to file one for property damage, you’re smart to start now. It’s not like most people to remember what they are for breakfast, let alone details from years before. Getting started now is your best bet for maximum recovery.

Alright, I’m convinced.
How do I hire a personal injury attorney?

Yes! You made it through one of the longest landing pages we’ve ever written, so you must be as committed as we are to your case. Here are our pro tips for hiring a lawyer:

We’d love to put our experience to work and do right by you. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation with us to share your story and find out what your case is worth, call or text 1-404-737-5973 now.  

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