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Pain is a great way to get your attention.
But it’s an exhausting way to live.

Being injured in a truck wreck can put you in a world of hurt. These collisions have serious to severe impacts:

Because of this, it’s important that you receive immediate medical attention if you’ve been involved in a truck crash. And these cases are complicated, so it’s crucial to partner with an Atlanta truck accident lawyer immediately to ensure your health is a priority.

How does a truck accident attorney in Atlanta make sure my health is a priority?

This falls in line with “Why should I hire an attorney?” Truck accidents are far more complicated than car accidents.

We’ve said it many times before: the insurance company and the trucking company are in business to make a profit. They’re not as interested in your quality of life as they are in denying or diminishing their liability. But your interests deserve to be acknowledged. And when a truck collision is not your fault, your needs deserve to be provided for. There’s one message we have: You matter. And you deserve to be represented by us, experienced Atlanta truck accident attorneys who will ensure that your health and wellbeing become the greatest concern of the people who are at fault.

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What do I do if I’ve been in an accident with a truck or commercial vehicle?


Medical Attention

First things first: Get medical attention immediately. If you don’t know who to call, reach out to us at 404-491-7561 and we’ll help you connect with a medical expert who understands the unseen and long-term impact of truck collisions and who will use their expertise to provide you with the highest level of care for now and your future.

Don’t let today’s wreck become tomorrow’s long-term injury.

Contact Issa & Castro

Next thing: Reach out to the aggressive Atlanta truck wreck attorney group to represent you: Issa & Castro. The insurance company is going to ask for a recorded statement. Do NOT give it to them. In fact, don’t agree to anything at all. Don’t sign anything. Don’t accept money. Don’t talk about how you’re doing. Don’t post anything on social media. Don’t talk to anyone about your case except your attorney.

We're your best choice for an aggressive Atlanta Truck wreck attorney.

Don't Sign Anything

One more time: Do not sign anything. Insurance companies and their investigators are going to gather information and evidence. They’ll decide who’s at fault based on their perspective, and they’ll decide what your case is worth. They might even send an offer letter your way. If you sign it, you lose your right to file a lawsuit. And listen carefully: They’ll offer peanuts that might look like a treasure to you. Don’t fall for it. Their goal is to resolve the case quickly, but your injuries might take time to manifest—and if you’ve signed something, you can’t go back in time and make a second claim. Personal injury claims are truly “one and done,” so don’t give up your claim without a skillful truck accident attorney in Atlanta, like the one of us at Issa & Castro to represent you.  

Don't give up your claim without first speaking to a skilled Atlanta truck accident attorney.

You might not be sure you have a case. You might not want to file a lawsuit. You might not have time or patience for this whole situation. We get it. We’ll give you the time and space to ask your questions and share your concerns during a free case evaluation. We’ll share our thoughts on what your case might be worth. And we’ll give you all the information you need to decide what’s best for you.

So, how does a truck accident lawyer help?

Not only do you feel like you got hit by a truck; you did. Between complete exhaustion from dealing with the physical effects to handling the day-to-day changes that go with injury, there’s no doubt you’re stressed and struggling. We can lighten your load by fighting for the compensation you deserve to cover healthcare costs, lost income, and the potential loss of enjoyment of life.

You know how bullies come at you with “I’m bigger than you are” energy? Yeah, that’s what insurance companies and trucking companies do, too. And let’s be honest – these companies are bigger than you are. They can surely afford to pay for the care of your injuries, and they definitely can hire representation so they don’t have to. That’s not fair. Don’t face the giants alone. Hire one of our experienced lawyers to protect you and demand the compensation you deserve.

Good insurance adjusters and other investigators know how to make it seem like they’re concerned about you while pursuing their own agenda. Often they’ll ask a question that gets you to say the “wrong” thing on purpose and you won’t know that’s what happened. They’re also great at capitalizing on your stress as they press for details and you answer under duress. When we’re by your side, you won’t have to worry about what you say because we’ll deal with them so you don’t have to. Your energy (what little you’ve got) is freed up to focus on getting better. Our energy is focused on getting your needs met. When you work with us, you can just tell anyone who calls to talk to your lawyer. Boom! Peace of mind just like that.

Wrecks between two passenger vehicles typically involve just a few parties – the other driver, their insurance company, their lawyers, you, your insurance company, and your lawyers. But when you’re in a truck wreck, things get waaaaay more complicated. We’re now looking at the trucking company, the driver, trucking practices, the manufacturer, the loading company, maybe even the city of Atlanta. And you know all those folks have lawyers, too. Having us to fight for your story and your case means you don’t need to know about the law or liability or trucking practices to get the compensation you deserve. We’ve got your back.

We’ll do what we can to secure compensation for lost wages due to the wreck, medical bills, the loss of earning capability due to injury, and other financial costs associated with your injuries. AND – you may be entitled to non-economic damages like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and punitive damages (designed to punish the other party for their negligence). But every case is different, so call or text 404-491-7561 now to find out what your case might be worth.

what should I look for in a Georgia truck accident lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers’ ads on MARTA trains, park benches, on the side of buses, and on billboards announce, “Millions of dollars won.” They make it seem like your case is all about the money, don’t they? But we know that money is secondary to what’s deeply important: you and your future.

Do you feel comfortable with this person? Trust your gut. The more comfortable you are, the more trust and safety you’ll have. Because your truck accident case will bring a series of crucial choices your way, this deep trust will serve as a foundation for making difficult, and often life-changing, decisions.


How much experience does your lawyer have in court? Most personal injury cases settle out of court, but we know when to push a case to trial, and we are skilled at doing it. This experience means we’re preparing every case as if a trial is coming, so we won’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to you, your treatment, your finances, and your health. We’ll exhaust every avenue of recovery we can to deliver the best outcome possible for you. Oh, and we’ve been in nearly every single courtroom in Georgia, so we’re always ready.

But what if I’m not sure I want to go to trial?

Not every lawsuit goes to trial, and most cases do settle out of court. This claim is ultimately yours, not ours, so nothing happens without your permission and agreement. If a settlement offer is made, we’ll give you our opinion, but it’s up to you to make a final decision.

But isn’t a trial time-consuming? Would settling my case save time?

Personal injury cases take time because healing takes time. We’ve seen people settle their cases early on – and you only get one shot – who later wished they’d been more patient. What we hope: Your health is restored to the level it was before the wreck.


That takes adherence to medical advice, like attending all necessary treatment and therapy appointments. It requires consistency in following your program. It means taking time off from work (if you can even work), which could mean losing income or opportunities for professional advancement. It might require adjustments to your living situation. And it might mean that your earning capacity is diminished in the long term.


The reality is, settling your case could save time, and it might shortchange your full recovery. While we understand that patience is hard to have when you’re in a bad situation, rushing to a resolution might make things worse in the long run. We’ll look out for the long game and help you endure the wait.

if we’re playing the long game, why should I call a truck accident lawyer in Atlanta now?

The number one reason you should call us now is to ensure you and your interests are represented against behemoths like insurance and trucking companies. They’ve got lawyers, why shouldn’t you? We agree—you shouldn’t have to think about hiring a lawyer and whether you’re appropriately compensated for your injuries or enduring more than your fair share…but the reality is, they’re about profit before protection. Don’t let them take away your chance for justice by waiting to hire an attorney.


We’ll conduct a thorough investigation, but witnesses are fallible, and their memories will fade. That’s just how the brain works. The sooner we can get in touch with people who witnessed the accident, the more reliable their information may be. If you can, record witness statements with your smartphone at the scene.


Memories aren’t the only things that fade in accident cases. Surveillance footage may disappear. Skid marks, roadway conditions, and damage out of context will all alter the perception of the scene. The faster you engage our services, the faster we can have access to the full picture of what happened, which could impact the value of your case.


If you work with us, we’ll be there to advise you on the little things, like what to post on social media (nothing, in general), what you are obligated to provide to the other parties involved, and what kinds of activities to avoid while your case is open. Here’s the thing: most people don’t realize how the little things they do each day can end up damaging their claim. We do. But you can’t take advantage of our advice until you connect with us. The sooner we meet, the sooner you’ll have the answers you need.

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A couple of times you’ve mentioned insurance and trucking companies.

Who can be held responsible for causing a truck accident?

Any type of accident can cause serious injuries, and the size and weight of commercial trucks makes those accidents all the more disastrous. In addition to the severity of injuries caused by these collisions, the stakes are often higher in truck accident claims. Trucking companies and their insurance companies will fight hard against your claim, especially in the event of catastrophic injuries or death.

Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies are regulated by federal agencies. Truck drivers, trucking companies, cargo handlers, and others who violate regulations may become a part of your case.

In car crash claims, the responsible party is typically the driver whose negligence caused the wreck. With commercial trucking claims, we’re looking at the driver, the truck’s owner, the trailer’s owner, the party who leased the truck or trailer from the owner, the truck manufacturer, parts manufacturers, repair shops, shipping companies, and more to determine liability. And they’re all laywered up, so the fight can escalate rather quickly.

The truck driver.
Just like drivers of passenger cars, truck drivers may exhibit negligent behavior like speeding, distracted driving, or driving while fatigued. Drivers also have specific responsibilities related to maintenance and cargo loading, and may be held liable if their negligence contributed to the crash.

The trucking company (carrier).
The trucking company is responsible for the trucks and drivers they put on the road. That means they’re held accountable for hiring and training practices. The carrier’s records may show threats to safety, and we’re going to want to know if that was a factor in your case.

The cargo shipper and loader.
Some trucking companies act as contractors and ship cargo for other companies. The individual parties like the cargo originator, shipper, loader, and transporter are each responsible for complying with state and federal regulations. They can be held responsible if found negligent. If a cargo shift or other cargo issues are found to be at cause in the wreck, the records of these parties will need to be subpoenaed and examined.

The outside vendors. Carriers may outsource things like recruiting drivers, conducting background checks, completing alcohol and drug tests, maintaining trucks, repairing and dispatching, or any other part of fleet operations. Any of these vendors may be held liable if their negligence contributes to a truck crash.

The truck manufacturer and parts makers.
If a part of the truck fails—like a tire blowout, brake failure, or problems with the steering system—we could, depending on the circumstances, make a product liability claim.

Government agencies and contractors.
Road hazards (here in Atlanta, think “pot holes”) may contribute to a wreck, and the local or state government may have some liability. If the government hired a maintenance contractor whose negligence caused a problem, they might be held responsible, too.

Most or all of the above.
An investigation may show that more than one party was at-fault for your collision.

Remember, these parties and their lawyers want to settle fast to take away your right to seek future compensation that you might need. They may make an offer that seems generous, but it’s coming from their metrics and averages, not from a careful evaluation of your situation. The only way to be sure your case isn’t minimized is to hire a Georgia trucking accident attorney who will stand up against any and all responsible parties to ensure you’re compensated fairly. Call us at 404-491-7561 to find out how we can help you recover from this trauma and secure your future.

Wow, this is more complicated than I first thought.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer to help me after being injured in a truck accident?

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means we don’t get paid unless we bring home a win for you. When we meet for your case consultation, we’ll show you our agreement that includes our fee—a percentage of the amount for which the case resolves.

When we take on the insurance and trucking companies (and everyone else who may be held liable), we’re going to start an investigation. We’ll seek expert opinions. We’ll interview any witnesses we can find. We’ll help you coordinate your care. And we’ll handle all the back-and-forth that the insurance company (or companies) are going to put you through.

Red tape? No problem, we know how to cut it. Demands and depositions? Yup, we’re on those, too. Whatever the circumstances of your case warrant, we are there to deliver the best possible outcome we can. And we do it all without asking you for a deposit or a retainer. When we take a case, we commit to doing everything in our power to get you the help – and the health – that you need.

If you’re wondering what your case is worth and how we might help, call or text 404-491-7561. We’ll set up a free consultation – we can even do it over Zoom if you can’t get to our office – and we’ll help you with the information you need to make the decision that’s right for you.

Alright, think I want a lawyer for my truck accident claim.

What makes you different?

Not all lawyers are created equal. While all of us have to meet certain standards, like passing the Georgia bar, we don’t all practice law the same. We aren’t all motivated or passionate about the same things. And we don’t all have the same intentions.

Trials are expensive and they tend to take longer than settling cases, so many personal injuries are keen to settle quickly. Why? It puts money in your pocket (and in theirs) faster. But is that what’s good for you in the long run? If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, your injuries are probably pretty serious. And over time, your body may start to show long-term effects from those injuries. Based on your case, it may be more appropriate to take the responsible parties to trial.

And our experience in nearly every courtroom in Georgia shows that we’re ready, willing, and able to fight for you.

Look, you only get one shot in a personal injury claim. We can’t go back 10 years later and say, “Oops, we should have asked for Y rather than X because these injuries played out like this.” No. We have to look at your case today, consult with a variety of experts to determine the long term prognosis of your health, and go to bat for not only what you’re currently suffering but also what may be necessary in the future. That’s why we’re not as excited to settle cases right away, but instead want to make sure you get the best future possible after sustaining an injury that you didn’t cause.

We don’t know how everyone else does it, but here’s how we practice law: When we talk about passion and motivation, we’re talking about an attorney’s WHY. Why your lawyer does what they do is important because it’s their heart on the line. And when someone’s heart is in it, they’ll perform with excellence. We practice law because we have a set of skills that can truly help people. We’re motivated by the pursuits of justice and fairness. We value quality and practice law in a way that restores dignity to people who’ve been wronged.

And intentions matter. One of Mark’s mentors used to say, “If you chase the money, the law will catch you. If you chase the law, the money will too.” After nearly 20 years in private practice, we deeply feel that. Everyone deserves equal protection under the law. And when behemoths like insurance companies, trucking companies, and others try to wiggle out of taking responsibility for injuries their negligence caused, you can be sure we’ll chase the law down so you’re protected. In our firm, compensation is a side effect of doing the right thing for others.

Do we have extensive experience? Yes, nearly 20 years in a courtroom.

Do we have experience and results handling truck accident claims? Yes, we’ll show you our track record when we meet.

Does our firm have the resources to handle a trial? Yes, there’s nothing we’d rather do.

Are our clients satisfied? Yes, check our Google and Avvo reviews.

Are we accessible? Yes, we’ll share our personal cell phone numbers with you when you hire us. Call, text, or DM any time.

Schedule your complimentary case evaluation today by calling 404-491-7561 so you can concentrate on your health while we focus on seeking fairness and justice in your case.

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