$75,000 Settlement in Roadside DUI Collision

Image of a seat belt and broken glass on the highway, Issa Castro Law Firm.

By: Mark Issa

December 3, 2015

$75,000 Settlement in Roadside DUI Collision

Client was the passenger in acquaintance’s vehicle. When Client and acquaintance got into an argument, the acquaintance pulled over to the side of the road and our Client exited the vehicle. While standing near the vehicle attempting to reconcile, another vehicle drove off the road and crashed into the acquaintance’s vehicle. Our Client was thrown into the air and landed far from the scene. Client sustained injuries to his legs, face, arms, torso, and a fractured pelvis. The driver of the at-fault vehicle was arrested and charged with DUI (the driver later blew a .137 and pled guilty to DUI). Client had $36,672.16 in medical bills. (All Insurance Available)

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