Aggravated Assault – Consider This… Drama + Bat = 1 to 20

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By: Mark Issa

May 5, 2013

Aggravated Assault – Consider This… Drama + Bat = 1 to 20

Consider this:


Jim and his friend Bryan were the best of friends. They were both 17 and did everything together.These two guys liked all the same things and shared everything. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to either of them, this included the same girl.

Maria was one of the prettiest girls at their high school. And she liked to be popular with the boys. She never liked to be tied down, and wanted to be with all the popular guys in school. Jim and Bryan were two of the most popular.


Maria was trouble. She liked to feed off creating drama between other people. This was the reason that she had to leave her last school. But no one knew that at the school she attended now-Jim and Bryan’s school.


She had been juggling both of these guys for a while now. She told them both that their relationship had to be a secret-it was more romantic that way. And they were both more than happy to comply.


This worked out fine for a couple of months. However, one day at school Bryan asked Maria for a date that evening. Maria had planned to spend the evening with Jim. So she told Bryan that she was not feeling well and she just needed to rest that evening. Bryan was a good guy, and this concerned him.So he decided that evening he would take Maria some chicken soup. He figured that this would score him some points and make her feel better all at the same time.


That evening, Jim and Maria were sitting on Maria’s porch when Bryan arrived with the soup. Jim and Maria were kissing. This infuriated Bryan. Before he got out of his car, he grabbed his baseball bat. He ran up to the porch and swung the bat at Jim (missing him), screaming at him to get away from Maria.




Bryan has just committed the crime of Aggravated Assault under the laws of the State of Georgia. This crime is a felony. And since Bryan is 17, he WILL be charged and tried as an adult. When he goes to court, he will be facing a possible penalty of 1-20 years in prison. No matter what the resolution is in the courtroom, Bryan’s bad decision will affect him for the rest of his life.


Aggravated assault does not require that someone even be touched for the crime to be complete. The only requirement is that a person assault another with an instrument likely to cause serious bodily injury to another when used offensively. O.C.G.A. § 16-5-21.


Bryan’s actions certainly fit this very broad definition. The tragic thing is that it could have all been avoided if Bryan would have just stopped and thought about what he was doing. Consider this…

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