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As soon as you’re arrested, your life changes. You’re no longer free to come and go as you please. The anxiety of uncertainty goes through the roof when you are faced with charges and circumstances that complicate your life even more. In all honesty, we would prefer to tell you to relax if we thought that would be helpful. Still, we can understand you are asking lots of questions right now, including “What do I do now?”


In the event of being charged with a crime, you would not just be affected today, but your future could be at risk as well. Aside from that, getting tangled up in the system can put your freedom, family, and finances at risk. Criminal charges can be one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking experiences for people who have never been in this position before.


Our experience shows us that “criminal justice” can be anything but just, rarely achieving rehabilitation. In many cases, the sentences don’t fit the crimes. Even when people complete their sentences, they find it difficult to return to “normal life.” Defending your rights and protecting your future is our mission, so we will use every resource at our disposal to do our part. 


Despite your desire to speak up for yourself, the best time to say nothing is at the moment of your arrest. If you don’t exercise your right to remain silent, what you say will definitely be used against you. You should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in Marietta.

After my arrest, what happens?

There’s a good chance you won’t be treated well. While the “innocent until proven guilty” concept is a noble one, it’s not one that’s widely adopted. Attempt to stay calm as much as you can. Try to be cooperative and respectful. Please provide your real name – don’t use an alias (if you would like to know why, please call us) and talk to a criminal defense lawyer.


One of the first things you should do when a friend or relative is in jail is to bond them out. Obtaining your loved one’s release as soon as possible is easier if you have a bondsman on your side. Do what you can to be patient, as it might take a while for them to make a phone call. 


Some charges are bailable, and others that aren’t. You’ll be able to make a phone call when you find out what’s happening in your case. Priority is as follows:


  1. Loved one
  2. Bondsman
  3. Criminal defense lawyer


Be prepared to wait and hurry up during this entire process of booking, bonding, and release.

The District Attorney’s Office will be in charge of making sure you face charges when you (hopefully) have been released, and they will keep on looking for ways to make sure that your charges stick.

This is their job, so it’s fine. However, we have to ensure your rights are protected, ensure that you are treated fairly, and do everything we can to secure your future.


There is nothing easy about any of this. Neither is it going to be a stroll in the park. I guarantee you’re going to freak out a few times during the journey. But, additionally, you will be able to see sides of yourself and other people you wish you hadn’t seen.


We have seen firsthand what our clients go through during some of their most difficult times, so we know how crucial it is for them to have a good, dependable, experienced lawyer on their side. We are here to help you with that.

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I agree, but how much does a criminal defense attorney cost?

A standard lawyer’s answer would be: It depends. No two charges, cases, or defenses are exactly alike. What happens to you depends on your specific situation. If we could tell you anything for sure, it would be that trying to represent yourself or receiving legal aid could cost you everything.


Our courts are crowded, and criminal law is complicated. There are different ways to challenge various charges. As a result of the fact that we have appeared in almost every courtroom in the State of Georgia, we have the experience and resources necessary to take on the State and win.


You must know this: The State has been working on your case for a long time before your arrest. They may be using you as part of a larger scheme. This is something they are skilled at. The same goes for us.


It is possible that it could cost you more time, money, and energy if you wait too long to bring us in. Aside from that, if you do not have a lawyer, you might say the wrong thing or say too much, which could help the other side’s case and hurt yours.


It’s important to remember that those people know how to ask questions that will elicit the answers that they need. Moreover, you don’t know what they know or what they’re looking for. So you might end up hurting your case by cooperating. So rather than playing games, let’s have a serious talk about your present or future.


As a return for your investment, you will receive skilled, compassionate legal representation. Call or text 770-LAWSUIT to schedule a free consultation and to find out how we can help you.

The reputation of criminal defense lawyers isn’t the best.

So how do I find the best lawyer?

You’re going through a lot right now, and you may not feel like following your intuition, and that’s normal. However, there are a few ways to determine if your lawyer is right for you, regardless of whether someone you trusted sold you out or you’re running scared:


Do you feel like you matter to your lawyer? You should feel comfortable moving forward with someone you feel respected and valued by, and if you feel safe in their presence.


Is your lawyer able to communicate with you in a way that you understand? Legal issues are complex, and your defense will be filled with important decisions. In general, if your lawyers are clear and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each option, then you’re probably in good hands. If you seem to get along well with one another, the chances are you both have an air of trust that is only beneficial when your case goes to trial.


Has your lawyer ever tried a case before a jury? Even though most lawsuits settle out of court, your lawyer still needs trial experience. Since we have worked in front of juries for years, we strategically prepared as if we were going to take the cases to trial. You should check whether your lawyer has defended charges similar to your own and if they have experience in front of juries.

Now, let’s talk about your record.

Let’s just say we have won more than we have lost. There have been clients who have had to face life and have walked away with time served. Others have had to deal with 20 years of imprisonment and have walked away with two.


It all depends on your specific circumstances as to what we can offer. We will need to learn more about you and your case to give you accurate expectations. But, regardless of the crime, we’ll always ensure that the punishment is not more severe than it should be.


Even though we can’t guarantee a specific outcome, we’ll do everything possible to make sure that you’re happy with the outcome. It is our objective to ensure that you always feel we are looking out for your best interests.

Could you tell me a few ways you’ve got my back?

It can be lonely, stressful, and frightening to be incarcerated and face criminal charges. We are here to give you peace of mind by making sure you know we are fighting for your rights. We are here to help you through this experience so that you don’t have to face it alone.


Our mission is to tell your story in a safe and secure environment. You need to know that the attorney-client privilege protects your communication with us. However, there is a possibility that if you waive that privilege, some things may take a different turn.


Our goal is to ensure that the State does not have an unfair advantage. There is no question that we can and will challenge anything they bring to our attention that does not follow the letter of the law. If they say or do anything that may put you in danger, we will endeavor to hold them accountable.


Despite the State putting forth an offer, it might not be in your best interest to accept it. Maybe a jury trial will do more harm than good. But, we’ll make sure you know all the facts so you can make an informed decision.


Guess what else? It is no secret that the State has an entire team of lawyers on its side who are experts in prosecuting criminal charges. They understand how our criminal justice system works and how to manipulate it to their advantage.


When it comes to your case, they are going to use all that knowledge to their advantage. When you hire us, you will be hiring professionals who have a wealth of experience in handling criminal charges. You must get an advocate who knows your rights.

I deserve an advocate. Do you think you can help me?

You can schedule your free case consultation by calling or texting 770-LAWSUIT. There are in-office appointments as well as Zoom appointments available, depending on your needs. We will discuss your case and what we can do for you.


We will discuss the next step and the fees involved. Finally, we will answer any questions you have. You will receive all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether we are the right lawyers to defend you.

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