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“What do I do now?” You’ve probably asked yourself that, or someone else has asked you that. And like your heart and head, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. But, of course, there is no exact plan for what to do after an arrest because every case is different.


Nevertheless, those who have been through it will tell you that having a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities as well as how to deal with the legal system will help you deal with an arrest and facilitate a more successful resolution – whether it be a positive one or simply getting you through this tumultuous time.


These days, law enforcement is more powerful and intimidating than ever before. They’re armed with serious weapons, cutting-edge tools, and plenty of resources. That makes dealing with a criminal charge a struggle for a lot of people. However, it doesn’t have to be this way because you don’t have to face criminal charges alone.


A criminal charge can have life-altering consequences. However, you’re not alone in this fight. Our team is here to help you beat your charges and get your life on track. We can walk you through the criminal process, how to deal with the media, what to do if you are accused of a crime, how to avoid trouble in the future, and more. We can even help if you’re under investigation for a crime.


Because we understand that criminal justice can be anything, but just one size does not fit all, and rehabilitating offenders should be the system’s ultimate goal. We are not OK with that either, so our attorneys will strategically and aggressively fight for your rights and your future. 


In Georgia, the time of your arrest is the best time to say nothing. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Georgia will tell you to make no statement to anyone about anything.


This is because the reason you were arrested can be used against you in court. Therefore, anything you say can and will definitely be used against you. So exercise your right to remain silent and call a Georgia attorney or Georgia criminal defense lawyer immediately.

After I’m arrested, what happens?

The police will try reading you your rights, so pay attention, but you’re not required to talk about your case without an attorney present. And if they threaten you with jail until you “cooperate,” they’re bluffing. You have the right to remain silent. Although they may try getting tough with you, they cannot physically force you to talk about your case.


One of the first things you have to do is bond your loved one out of jail. It takes time for them to get access to a phone call so please be patient. In some cases, it could be a little more time than you initially thought. Keep in mind that they’ll try to move people through quickly, so hopefully, things can move along quickly for you too. 


The bail process works differently for every defendant. That’s because bail is given to determine your flight risk. Judges use a variety of factors here, including your employment status, lease obligations, family ties, prior arrests, the severity of the crime you are being accused of, and your criminal record. Your case will be discussed with you over the phone once you know what’s going on. We’ll start with the following priorities:


  1. Loved one
  2. Bondsman
  3. Criminal defense lawyer


The booking, bonding, and release process can be time-consuming and expensive if you don’t know what to expect, so you will have to hurry up and wait.


Yes, you’re innocent until proven guilty. But it’s not okay to just sit back and wait for your trial date. The DA will keep working the case against you until they have something to use in court. So you need a lawyer to represent you during this time to have someone advocating for your interests. With the help of our legal team, we’ll protect your job, your future, and your family.


We’re really good at it too. But make no mistake; we know sometimes this is an uneasy fit. We know the real conflicts only arise when the chips are down and your freedom is on the line.


That’s when it matters, so we’ve been laying the groundwork all along to give you a solid team by your side. Our history shows that we get provocative defendants through bad encounters with authorities and into better futures for them and their families.

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Right, but how much does it cost to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you’ll probably be wondering how much it will cost to get out of this mess. But it’s not as easy as just paying a fine. Your situation may involve multiple people and agencies, such as the police, the prosecutor, and the judge.


You might be asked to make important decisions or take action. Getting support from an experienced criminal lawyer can be crucial in protecting your most valuable asset: your freedom.


Criminal law is complicated, and it doesn’t matter if the crime is a misdemeanor or a felony. In either case, your rights can be violated simply because of a police stop or an unconstitutional application of the law. And we have the experience and resources to help you fight back and oppose the prosecution in court on any number of grounds.


Being charged with a crime is serious. The State has been investigating your case since long before the police arrested you. Several occurrences must occur for the State to make its case against you, and it will do everything it can to make sure each of these events lines up.


Understandably, you don’t want to say anything that would hurt your case. But not saying anything could hurt your case as well. Being aware of what to say and what not to is essential if you’re ever charged with a crime.


The best way to remain silent is to hire the right lawyer. If you are innocent but without money to hire a lawyer, you might have to play nice with interrogators. Let’s face it; the police are well-trained in investigating crime and interrogation techniques. They want to know what happened, who did it, and how.


When you hire a criminal defense attorney with our law firm, you’ll be working with an experienced lawyer who knows the system and will make sure you get the best possible outcome in your case.


Having worked in courts across Georgia for years, we know exactly what to expect during every stage of the process and how to prepare the right strategy to help you achieve your desired result. Our team of experienced and trustworthy lawyers is here for you — we know how stressful times like these can be for individuals and families today. Set up your free consultation by calling or texting 770-LAWSUIT.

The reputation of criminal defense lawyers isn’t the best.

You know, criminal defense lawyers don’t have the best reputation. So how do I find a good one?

If you’re fighting for your freedom, knowing who to hire can make all the difference. But when you’re looking for an effective criminal defense attorney, it can feel like there are too many options—and everyone is trying to get your money.


What’s worse, it might feel like almost anyone could give you the kind of legal representation you need. So let’s address that concern by taking a look at some ways to tell if you made the right choice:


Does your lawyer treat you like you matter? Does he or she communicate well? Are you comfortable speaking with them? These are just some of the important things to consider when seeking legal counsel. If you find yourself sitting in front of someone who makes you feel that you matter, that person is likely to consider further. Remember, this is your case they are working on, so don’t settle until you are 100% sure they are right for the job.


But a good lawyer doesn’t just understandably talk to you. He or she also helps you understand the process. If your attorney is good, he or she should prepare you for what can come next and explain all legal strategies to you easily so that you don’t feel confused about the process. If your lawyer does this, you’ll feel prepared when each step of your case proceeds. Plus, this information will help you present your case if the attorney needs to go to trial. This will all mean a win for you!


Being charged with a crime is a stressful time, as you may have to appear in court. In some cases, it’s necessary to go to trial if you have been falsely accused or disagree with the severity of the charges. Being prepared for trial means knowing how your attorney has been experienced in this area and what kind of record they have had before a jury. Ask your attorney if they have tried cases in front of a jury previously. Talk to all potential candidates for your case, and select the attorney that is best equipped to handle your unique needs.

Alright, what’s your record?

We’ve been doing criminal defense for years now, and we’ve won more than we’ve lost. Some clients have faced life and walked away with time served. Others have faced 20 years and walked away with two. A lot is on the line here–your liberty, your family, your future.


When you’re facing criminal charges that could land you in prison for more than ten years, every hour counts. Our number one goal is getting you the best possible outcome—and that means building your case while working with prosecutors to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.


We are tough but honest negotiators on your side who give it our all in every case. We know you’re not guaranteed a specific outcome in any case. There are just too many factors involved for us to claim that. But we can tell you this – we will litigate every case as if it were going to trial – because it could very well end up there. That’s why our clients love us – because we fight hard and give 100%.

In what ways do you have my back?

Being incarcerated and facing criminal charges is a very scary scenario. It’s a very lonely time because you’re separated from your family, friends, and normally everyone else important to you. It’s a very stressful time because a criminal charge can result in a difficult and lonely road if you’re convicted.


Most of these situations are even more heightened because of the backlog in the court system – it can take months to go to trial for a misdemeanor offense and even longer for felonies!


The attorney-client privilege protects confidential Information about criminal defense. That means your records, any meetings, or discussions you have with your lawyer are strictly confidential. But if you waive your right to privilege, that might change things.


If you have been accused of a crime, the State of Georgia is more than likely going after you hard. They’ll do anything and everything they can to ensure the conviction is at the end of the day. But, we’re ready and willing to stand up to them on your behalf and make sure this doesn’t happen at all costs.


There are situations where the State offers a plea deal that we think is better for you than your case really is. However, that doesn’t always mean it’s in your best interest to accept their offer. For example, we may feel that if you take the plea deal, you could end up with lengthy probation and possibly a criminal record.


So, even if you think you’re innocent, can I go to jail for something I didn’t do? Well, the quick answer: yes. The State has a whole bunch of lawyers on their side who are experts at prosecuting criminal charges. Don’t think that you won’t be found guilty just because you have a lawyer – quite often, the opposite is true – having a criminal defense lawyer will actually improve your chances!

Yeah, I do deserve an advocate. How do I hire you?

Have you been charged with a crime? Call or text 770-LAWSUIT to schedule your free case consultation now. It’s as easy as that! We believe in going above and beyond for our clients. This is why we offer in-office or Zoom appointments, whatever works better for you.


We’ll explain your legal options and help you understand and navigate the criminal justice system. We’ll ask questions and explain things clearly and explain how the process works so you know what to expect. Moreover, we will provide you with the information you need to decide if we are the best lawyers for you.

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