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What do I do now that I’ve been arrested? What does my family need to know? What about bail? These are just a few of the questions you may have after being facing a criminal charge.


Anyone can make a mistake or maybe break the law accidentally, but what happens when you get arrested? For most people, it’s their first time dealing with the police, court systems, and legal jargon. Even if your case doesn’t end up in court, having to deal with the legal profession eventually catches up with each and every one of us.


A criminal charge can ruin a person’s life. It can destroy your reputation and force you to pay a hefty fine. Not only that, but it can bar you from becoming employed in certain industries or from traveling outside of the country. That’s why having a skilled lawyer on your side is so important. A good lawyer can make all the difference when dealing with a criminal charge. They know how to defend you under different circumstances.


A criminal charge doesn’t have to end your life. You can fight back with the help of our team, which consists of experienced attorneys who are dedicated to helping you beat your charge. In addition, we pride ourselves on providing personal care to each client.


Whether it is arrest defense, prosecution defense, or protection from crime in general, we are here to help you fit pieces back together after a crisis. Our clients know that when they come to us, they are not just coming to a law firm but are coming to someone personally who cares about them. So contact us today if you are facing criminal charges.


With decades of experience behind our name, we understand that criminal justice can be anything but just. We understand the system and how it needs to be changed. Our criminal defense attorneys were founded on the principle that one size should not fit all. We value rehabilitation over punishment and hold law enforcement accountable for their actions. We will fight for your rights and your future.


Many people are arrested for crimes every day. The best thing you can do is to remain silent. If you are arrested, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Georgia will tell you to make no statement to anyone about anything. Every criminal defendant is innocent until proven guilty. By talking to the authorities, you increase your chances of being charged with the crime and having a permanent record of arrest created.


Although you do have the right to remain silent, this does not mean that the authorities cannot talk with you at all. Politely decline to answer questions by stating your desire to speak to an attorney first.


Once you’ve invoked your right to remain silent, do not say anything else at any time, regardless of what the officers ask you. Saying anything can lead you further down the rabbit hole and result in additional charges. Instead, call a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

I understand, but what is the cost of hiring a criminal defense lawyer?

Even if you have nothing to hide, talking to the authorities can still be a mistake. The authorities will want to know the details of your case, and they’re going to try and trip you up or trick you into revealing information that will hurt your case. They may even try threatening you, but they cannot physically force you to talk about your case as long as you don’t speak with the authorities without your attorney there.


Bonding a friend or family member out of jail is one of the first things you have to do. A bondsman can help you walk through the logistics of getting your loved one out as soon as possible. You’ve finally gotten the call that they want to release someone, but you need to be prepared. Keep in mind that they’ll try to move people through quickly, so hopefully, things can move along quickly for you too. 


The bail process works differently for every defendant. That’s because bail is given to determine your flight risk. Judges use a variety of factors here, including your employment status, lease obligations, family ties, prior arrests, the severity of the crime you are being accused of, and your criminal record. If you or your loved one is facing criminal charges, your case will be discussed with you over the phone once you know what’s going on. We’ll start with the following steps:


  1. Loved one
  2. Bondsman
  3. Criminal defense lawyer


The booking, bonding, and release process can be a long and complex one, especially if you aren’t familiar with what to expect, which means you will need to proceed quickly and wait.


Innocent until proven guilty. That’s a common phrase you hear. But it’s not okay to do nothing while the State builds its case against you. But if there is something wrong with the process, your little town, or the DA is trying to put together an airtight case against you, you need someone to stand up for you.


This is where we step in. We are the criminal defense firm that is serious about defending your rights and putting you back behind the steering wheel of your life. Let us put our experience to work for you.


Sometimes, the difference between staying out of jail and entering it can be as simple as a call to our firm. We’ve got the expertise and the desire to help you with your criminal defense problem. We know how to work within strict deadlines, even with prosecutors who seem determined to push you into plea bargaining.


But you are totally new to something like this. You’ve never been in trouble before. You don’t think it could happen to someone like you. And that’s true for most people who do end up arrested.

It’s the reality of what happens to many innocent people, though, that you can find yourself having to be back with an attorney who will deal with cutting the best possible deal for your jury trial or appear at a court hearing on your behalf.

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Right, but how much does it cost to hire a criminal defense lawyer?

Nobody wants to get in trouble with the law, especially when considering how much fines can cost you in Warner Robins. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you’ll probably be wondering how much it will cost to get out of this mess.


But it’s not as easy as just paying a fine. Your situation may involve multiple people and agencies, such as the police, the prosecutor, and the judge. In addition, you’ll need at least one or more counsels to aid your case in court.


In the hours immediately after your arrest, you may be asked to make important decisions or take action. That’s why it’s vital to get in touch with a defense lawyer who can help protect your freedom and your rights concerning these immediate issues.


Criminal law is complicated. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony, there are often many technicalities in the way of an ideal outcome for your case. Frequently the police violate your rights, or the prosecutor intentionally misleads your defense counsel.


Each of these can lead to an unfair trial or an unjust conviction, which are excessive punishments. Nobody deserves that kind of punishment, not even people charged with serious felonies. Yet, we pride ourselves on taking on powerful prosecution teams and having more successes than losses in the courtroom.


Being charged with a crime is serious. However, the State has been investigating your case since long before the police arrested you, and it will do everything it can to make sure each of these events lines up. You may remember being asked various questions about the alleged incident, but if you’re like most people, answering questions is something you do regularly.


Also, when you talk to the police about this case, they’ll use many psychological tactics to get you to admit that you did what they are accusing you of doing. That’s why it’s in your best interest to have an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side during this process.


We all know the saying, “If your mouth is moving, words are coming out.” It may seem like a silly saying, but it’s true. And if you’re ever charged with a crime, you should think twice before what you say and do.


Stay silent. Don’t say a word until you have a lawyer on your side. The moment you open your mouth, you put yourself in serious trouble. The Police are extremely trained in interrogating individuals and know exactly how to extract information from you that works against your favor.


To make matters worse, they are taught how to hide these interrogation strategies from attorneys by misstating, omitting, or even outright lying about their methods.


When facing a criminal charge, every detail counts, and every move counts even more. Having an experienced and trustworthy criminal defense attorney by your side can make all the difference.


Our law firm handles cases for individuals charged with criminal felonies and misdemeanors at the state and federal levels. We understand what’s at stake when facing criminal charges – your reputation, freedom, and future.


The process for hiring a criminal defense attorney in Warner Robins, GA, is pretty similar to that of performing open-heart surgery. You need to find a skilled professional with all the right skills to get the job done quickly, but the whole time you are hoping there won’t be any complications, so you can go home in one piece when it is over.


It is never easy to be in a situation like this, but having experienced attorneys with you can make all the difference. Our team of lawyers and knowledge about criminal law is second to none. We are here to give you direction through this difficult time.

The reputation of criminal defense lawyers isn’t the best.

Criminal defense attorneys do not have the best reputation. Where can I find a good lawyer?

If you’re looking to find the right type of legal defense for your case, knowing who to hire can make all the difference. If you face serious charges, you have the legal right to ask questions and know what “type” of a lawyer your potential criminal defense attorney has been trained in.


When you’re looking for a legal advisor, it can feel like there are countless people you could be speaking with. The trouble is that out of the thousands of potential options, who will be able to give you the services that you need?


What’s worse, it might feel like almost anyone could give you the kind of legal representation you need. Have you wondered if your lawyer was worth the money you paid them? So let’s address that concern by taking a look at some ways to tell if you made the right choice:


One of the best things you could do is look for a lawyer who can communicate incredibly well. This speaks to how they treat their clients and if you would speak with them about your case. You want someone who will answer your questions and not make you feel like you’re wasting their time. If it’s your case they are handling, don’t settle until you’re sure they’ll do the job right.


However, a good lawyer does more than simply explain things to you. He or she also helps you understand the process. It is important that your lawyer prepares you for what may happen next and explains all legal strategies clearly to avoid getting confused about the process. By having your lawyer prepare you for every step of the process, you will be more comfortable. You will also be able to present your case more effectively if the attorney goes to trial. You will thus be in a better position to win.


If you are charged with a crime, you will need to appear in court. In some cases, a trial is necessary when an accusation has been made in error or if you disagree with the severity of the charges. Experience and performance before juries are important factors to consider when choosing your attorney. Make sure your lawyer is experienced in trying cases before a jury. Choose the attorney who is best qualified to handle your unique needs by talking to all potential candidates.

Let’s see, what’s your record so far?

Having practiced criminal defense for years, we have won more cases than we have lost. A few clients faced life imprisonment and walked away with time served. Other clients faced twenty years and were released after two. Here, your liberty, your family, and your future are on the line.


Criminal charges that could land you behind bars for more than ten years are serious, which is why every hour matters. However, we strive to achieve one goal at our firm: getting you the best possible outcome, which means building your case and working with prosecutors to get your charges reduced or dismissed entirely.


Whenever we are asked to negotiate on your behalf, we are honest and tough negotiators, giving it our all in each case. However, we are aware that you are not guaranteed a specific outcome.


We can’t promise a specific outcome as there are several factors to consider. However, we can guarantee you one thing – we will litigate every case as if it were going to trial – since it will likely reach that stage. That’s why we have such a loyal following of clients because we give our 100% with everything we do.

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In what ways do you have my back?

It is very frightening to be imprisoned and face criminal charges. Because you’re away from your family and friends, as well as everyone else who matters to you, it’s a very lonely time. If convicted, criminal charges can lead to a challenging and lonely road, so a stressful time is inevitable.


The backlog in the judicial system compounds most of these situations – a misdemeanor offense can take months to be tried, and felonies can take years!


The attorney-client privilege protects criminal defense information. Therefore, your records, any meeting or discussion you have with your lawyer is strictly confidential. However, if you waive your right to privilege, things might change.


The State of Georgia will likely pursue you aggressively if you have been accused of a crime. Ultimately, they will do whatever is necessary to ensure a conviction. However, we will make sure this doesn’t happen at all costs by standing up for you and getting their attention.


Sometimes the State offers a plea deal that we think is better for you than the actual circumstances. This does not always mean you should accept their proposal. As an example, we may feel that if you accept the plea deal, you will likely be on probation for a long time and could end up with a criminal record.


Do I risk going to jail even if I don’t think I did anything wrong? The short answer is yes. State lawyers have a variety of experiences with prosecuting criminal offenses on their side. It’s not true that if you have a lawyer on your side, you will be less likely to be found guilty: in fact, a criminal defense lawyer can work to your advantage!

Yes, I do deserve an advocate. Can you help me?

Do you have any criminal charges against you? To schedule a free consultation with a lawyer, call or text us at 770-LAWSUIT today. We will be more than happy to schedule an appointment. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service.


We realize that having a time that is convenient for you is important. That is why we offer in-office or Zoom appointments. We will guide you through the criminal justice process and explain your legal options.


It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and explain how the process works, so you know what to expect. Furthermore, we will provide you with the information you need to decide whether we are the best lawyers for you.

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